Ag Security

Chris Daniel’s for PDA Ag Security

Busy lifestyles can sometimes cause us to overlook possible security breaches in an around our homes, businesses and many other places less likely to experience theft. Even when we are at our most alert things happen. Contact us to help combat theft before and after incidents.  We have helped many individuals recover thousands in assets and have prevented millions in losses in areas such as:

  • Crop Theft
  • Copper Wire Theft
  • Irrigation Equipment Theft
  • Farm Equipment Theft
  • Live Stock Theft
  • Vandalism and Breaches

Don’t let your business be compromised by criminal activity.  Let our team provide you with solid security and keep your business and assets safe.


  • Detailed Consultation
  • Theft Investigations
  • 24×7 Patrol Service
  • Property Surveillance
  • Emergency Response
PDA Ad for preventing Agriculture theft.

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